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Romantic Rides Through the Desert


In the times changing so fast the charm of the camels has diminished in the developing cities.Though even today riding this gentle animal with its rocking gait is a great way to relax on a sunny morning set to reveal the rustic lifestyles.

The camels are back traversing the sands of the desert accompanied by bands of travelers for whom the escape into a wilderness where literally nothing but sand makes up the horizon. It is a rare opportunity to escape from the tamed world tone that has rough edges, and takes you squarely into the lap of nature. Back are the camel drivers, those men who know how to navigate across the desert using the stars.

Back are the splendid tents where weary travelers can rest their weary bodies after being atop a camel the whole day. Back are the people who were essential on any carvan-the cooks and attendants, to set camp and serve hot piping meals. And yes, back again are the entertainers, those minstrels who once accompanied such journeys into the desert, to sign a plaintive lament under moonlight, or a robust, solustirring tune that seems to capture within its simple notes, the mystery and the magic of the desert.

Camel safaris are the new, exciting way of casting one's footprint across the shifting sands of Rajasthan. What's more interesting, however is the control one has over an adventure activity, so that it can be tailored to suit every modern traveler. Whether you want a safari that takes only a few hours, or one that is perfect for a weekend, or a longer one to take you traveling from city to city by this unconventional method you have it all. It's certainly an experience no visitor to Rajasthan should do without.Camel safari rajasthan

For most, of course getting used to the camel is the most important thing. To begin with there is the animal itself, tall and ungainly, with the habit of sneering (or so it seems). The colour could range from a light tan to the more usual tawny to a dusky black. Almost invariably, caught in its coat will be desert thorns (so it's best for you to wear trousers on the journey) that can prick you awkwardly. It is a beast towards which it is difficult to feel affection. You could love a horse, an elephant too, but a camel-that would be stretching the imagination, and one's sensitivities, a bit. The camel simply is not a social animal, and can on occasion even display its temper. It's best to leave him to the ministrations of its keeper and avoid developing a relationship with it!

Then there is its peculiar gait. A camel sits on its haunches, so you may mount it. It may have a leather saddle for two slung across its hump (best for long journey), or sometimes a wooden cradle that allows you to sit sideways (making it look affected). To get up, the camel first raises its front feet into a kneeling position (so you lurch toward), then its back (so you are thrown back). The procedure is repeated again when the camel stands up at full height.

If you are not already sick by now, you will be when the camel begins to move, for the swaying gait continues, and you are thrust forward and back, but more gently now. A trifle alarming at first, it is easy to get lulled into the gentle rhythm of the motion-even though it does seem that the very ground continues to sway even when you have your own two feet planted firmly on it! Camel safari in rajasthan-->

If that sounds daunting, you have the option of hitching a cart on to the camel, though it does lack somewhat in the spirit of adventure. Also, it would have to stick to at least semi-traversed paths, while on camel back you can walk across the sand practically in any direction of your choosing.

It is best to get in long stretches of your safari in the early morning and in the late afternoon, for the sun can get fairly hot even during the winter months after noon (a hat and dark glasses should be mandatory). In any case, your muscles, unused to the camel's movement and the girth of the saddle, are going to ache on the initial runs, so its best to divide up your riding time into short stretches to get used to the safari.


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